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Smarter World, Dumber Us!

…  catching up to this smarter world we created must advance to the top of production lines as a work in progress! Continue reading

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Telemedicine: Parenting Parents…

by by Telemedicine: Parenting Parents How does one ‘parent’ parents especially today when anything (dates, prayer cloths, holy water, in home services, orthotics, healthcare consultations and medications) can be ordered anytime via traditional and smart devices that our seniors have … Continue reading

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by by 2018… “Let’s Turn This Mutha Out!”  As in the words of Parliament  (having nothing to do with Great Britain’s to those unfamiliar). In turning this mutha out, I simply mean: make 2018 the role model for subsequent years. Make … Continue reading

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Profiling… Guilty! Always Bad?

by by Is Profiling Always Bad? Profiling: Ain’t Right; However, Is It Always Bad? Take Your Internal Temperature on the Topic! First of all, let’s examine our profiling thermostats. Is yours set high or low? Is high always bad? Are you profiling countrymen (internal profiling) … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Is Not Just A Day Off!

by by How Do You Honor? Memorial Day is not just a day off; it is a day to honor our fallen soldiers by action, not inaction! Why not do something for this country and/or its citizens? It is a working … Continue reading

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