About The Lemonade Process…

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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Saying lemons are tart is stating the obvious some might say! But oh,  they are necessary ingredients for any glass of perfectly squeezed/pressed lemonade.

Fake Lemonade

Some may argue whether “real” lemons are even used in lemonade-making process. According to composer, Alfred Newman: “We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons.”



“Squeezed/pressed…”  In how many circumstances, relationships, jobs, etc., have we found ourselves in where life’s pressure has squeezed better out of us?


Our ability to shine, love, teach, preach, earn, learn and evolve into better under duress is no mystery! Call it all part of God’s plan if you’re a believer or  universal forces aligning if you’re not; however, intrinsically we know this to be true. Good parents count on this process often to assist kids in healthy psycho-social growth and development knowing many lessons are best taught through experiencing untoward events/circumstances/situations and facing consequences rather than hiding in avoidance.

I’ve become quite proficient in the production process of lemonade making. I am not duplicitous; I do practice the therapy I preach inviting you to do same. This is both relevant and applicable in today’s society where therapist’s couches have become uncomfortably lumpy and expensive! Additionally, mood altering pharmaceuticals with minor and/or serious tag along side effects are prescribed numerous times per second to such extents our prescribing habits are currently under scrutiny as physicians by societal, drug and state licensing/credentialing agencies.

I truly believe there is something to the process of what I call, living prepositions and their application to daily living: getting over, through, under, around, above adversity (lemons) by any legal means necessary!  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a stress writer/blogger/crafter; that you cycle/run/dance or volunteer/mentor/counsel so long as positive ends result: all-side’s squeezing frustrations are managed and overcome until something good, either intentionally or accidentally is birthed (lemonade)!


My profession, as that of any life-long professional, has had it’s share of ups and downs (27 years) and retirement is just around the bend (if ten years qualifies as such). Art expression through photography, writing and crafting intercalated itself in and around my grueling  on-the-go lifestyle  (full of work, deficient in balance). For these abilities, I will be internally grateful…

Spiritual Uplift!

Thank you, Lord!

I am quite blog-diloquent & blog-adocious, in other words, I blog well and a lot evidenced by this site’s many offerings! And yes, blog-plaints can be found falling in line with my bitter/sweet motif.

Finding light in darkness might be a rote expression and one whose meaning could seem impossible to realize. I believe we are placed on earth to create light in numerous ways for ourselves and others. The catalyst leading to your triumphant rebirth or victory might unfortunately require pressing/squeezing in the form of unrequited love, failing health, social injustice, work place bullying, career derailing, pregnancy wastage, familial dysfunction, crippling poverty and so on… I’m here to provide living testament that application of living prepositions, tolerance and patience works. You lemonade awaits!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!lemonade drawing

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