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Bitter into sweet…

While equipped to write about hot medical topics, I’d rather leave that to egghead associates. Who needs another expert’s take anyway? I’ve gathered lots of information, insights and questions along the way practicing both traditional and non-traditional forms of medicine: telemedicine consultant, traveling physician and a medical advertising consultant.

I also have a creative, spiritual and artistic soul and it is this part of me this blog portrays. In my travels across America’s rural and underserved areas,  I’ve exposed many patients to this side of me while caring for them in good or bad situations. And, because sharing has always been a two-way street with me, they’ve reciprocated offering personal reflections quickly crossing their minds and dashing out, or occupying a seat.

My studio has ranged from airport gates  (Tales From A Raconteuse For Way Worn Travelers) to scrub areas prepping for cases (Vicarious Healing and newly released autobiography, Route To Routes).

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Adopting and applying this “lemons to lemonade” motto lends inner peace through art expression. 

I invite your comments and you on this journey.

Many communities I’ve served have been rural and isolated with patchy Wi-Fi.  Creative outlets like writing, crafting, blogging and publishing has kept me on point and connected.

Thanks again for taking time out to smell roses and sip glasses of lemonade with me.

Bitter into sweet… Ah!

Your visits to this blog and added comments, add honey! Blessings to you all!



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